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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

an instant appreciation

The East Portland Community Center is hosting a display of photography by Scott Dietz through the month of September.

The images depict quiet moments of beauty in what are often familiar locales often taken for granted.

Scott has a B.A. in Art and Art Education. This implies that he has a college education, however, his scientist friends are quick to point out, “Yeah, but it’s in Art.” While studying art, Scott’s concentration was in sculpture (in particular, bronze casting).

He began seriously exploring photography on his own in 1996, the same year he acquired a canoe and began documenting the lifestyles of the Smith & Bybee (what were then) Lake beavers. Since then, his interests in photography seem to be converging on the intersection between nature, science, and faith.

He has displayed his work in juried exhibitions and local art festivals and occasionally wins awards. One highlight was winning the Oregonian’s 2006 Travel Photography Contest with a shot of the Eagle Creek trail.

East Portland Community Center location

The display is in a broad hallway just around the corner from the front desk.

If the photographs don't grab you, there are often spirited ping pong competitions

Unlike some venues, there is plenty of room for viewing (I'm talking to you Pancakes and Booze).
Alas, there will probably not be wine and cheese.

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