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Karma, Statistics, Repetition and God’s Plan or, Even More Eagle Creek Images

This is Yolanta (not her real name). She’s from Kazakhstan (No, she isn’t). I know what you’re thinking. “Poor girl!” you worry, “With looks like that, how will she ever acquire a husband?” Fortunately for Yolanta, they still have arranged marriages where she comes from. 
When my car engine blew up, Yolanta was kind enough to give me a ride to and from work until I was able to get it fixed (we work at the same company). She refused to take money for gas but eventually agreed to take one of my photographs instead.

This was the photograph she originally chose. It’s the punchbowl at Eagle Creek at the end of January in 2010.

I immediately had an enlargement made. But when I picked up the enlargement, I found the image to be unacceptably grainy.

In the figure below, the image on the left shows how the picture looked straight out of the camera. The image on the right shows how the picture (the one that Yolanta chose) looked after selective brightening and color saturation (I liked how brighten…