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(Your Mission Should You Decide to Accept It)

St. JohnsBridge 01-08-2012
Bernadette told me about the class. It was advertised as a Paddle-sports Photography Clinic, organized by Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, and presented by Neil Schulman (
It was also free.
I bring it up because in retrospect, I think the big take-home message I distilled from the evening might have helped me with my ongoing efforts to take a decent picture of the St. JohnsBridge, a bridge that demands - like a girlfriend on the third week of a rigorous diet - only flattering pictures.

I took this picture from my kayak several years ago on a hot summer day. I think it was the reflection that caught my attention. Blue is supposed to be a cool color, but on that day it was so bright it was blinding. If you turn the thermostat up to 95 and pour some salt water in your eyes, you’ll get some idea of what it was like. I’ll be damned if I understand how the picture can still come out looking refreshing.