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Multnomah Falls - Thanksgiving Day 2010

Tuesday - below freezing - have to work Wednesday - below freezing - have to work Thursday - first day I don't have to work - not freezing... ...but managed to catch a little bit of ice accenting the falls on Thanksgiving morning. The trail up to the bridge was closed by a gate. A sign on the gate threatened a three hundred dollar fine for trespassing. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, announced Wednesday that he would vote against the White House's recent t ax cuts deal. So I did what I could from the viewing area, trying hard to come up with some unique perspective of this often photographed gorge icon. Beneath the roar of the falling water, you could hear the vibration of heavy things letting go. The wood in the splash pool grows a thick coat of ice on the side facing the falls. This image quickly encapsulates what happens to things that face the falls in sub-freezing temperatures...say