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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bridge Photos featured at BridgeTown Swing

Thanks to former high school classmate Sarah (who does volunteer work for Portland Swing Dance Club), I got an opportunity to display some of my bridge photos at their big event, BridgeTown Swing, currently taking place this weekend at the Red Lion - Jantzen Beach (Portland, OR).

free standing display in the main ballroom

Since the BridgeTown Swing event attracts dancers from up and down the West Coast (and perhaps beyond), I thought it might be a good idea to make commemorative posters, reminiscent of those famous Portland Jazz Festival posters, so...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A deer
not yet realizing it's dead
pirouettes down the remaining length of 
my flinching pickup

Tires scribble outside the lines

With all my might
I will the truck to turn
like league bowlers use body English
to  curve their bowling balls

after the release

but travel a physics-determined path
as a passenger
along for the ride
to its end
while accusing an unlikely omniscient being
You have got to be kidding me

After the gravel lands
After the silence and me still breathing
After the curious stop to see -
kind enough to help
as they

revel in their luck

That cop
who has seen it all before
Asks me questions I can understand
and like some guardian angel
guides me out of my paralysis
and actually says

Just doing my job

The tow truck driver
thinks city folk need to
keep their eyes open and pay more attention
but I think tow truck drivers
own and operate
deer farms

Kyle said
It's clear you aren't supposed to buy a Ranger
But I think sometimes that's just what happens
when you try to see the Aurora Borealis

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