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Summer throes

Chill evening air assaults patio clientele and bullies those who had forgotten about coats back towards shelter.

Body building birds preen and flex.

Prescient trees cover the woods in cotton blankets.

Fruit hangs heavy.

The calligraphy of clouds reveals their inherent schizophrenia.

In a kayak, warm… cold beer in hand and not much wind… anyone might briefly humor anthropic principles.

Here and there, waterfalls carve out cathedrals…

…while a captive river patiently, but unceasingly, seeks escape from temporary prisons.

Legions of trees march into the extended twilight.

Trees and water…missionaries sent into the wilderness to domesticate ancient, once sterile basalt formations.

Grass, in its own way, inscribes a record of the wind onto a transient notebook.

And finally, optimistic flowers bloom joyously in a desert…because they can.