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Sunday, July 16, 2017


The Gresham Art Festival was a pretty fun experience. I haven’t been a vendor at events like these very often, but when I arrived to put up my booth, there were smiling volunteers available to help unload my gear and who were better at setting up my little tent than I was. It was a gracious greeting, and I’d be honored to participate in this festival next year.

My sister Jill and her husband Ron helped me set up my wares and provided support throughout the day. I was glad for their company and for their help. I’d like to add that their commitment to my photography-endeavor reminds me to put forth my best effort, even when I am tired or discouraged — as does the encouragement of friends and their unsolicited positive comments.

As many of you know, I sometimes stray toward the introversion pole of the personality spectrum, so photography, for me, is an important means of sharing for when I am having trouble with my words.

There were over 150 vendors at the festival, so by the 8:30 deadline, a city of tents and booths lined almost all the streets of downtown Gresham.

8:30 AM and just about everyone is set-up and ready
As one friend commented, “The festival was bigger than I expected, and I could still find parking!”.

This year my sister convinced me to switch to glass instead of Plexi-glass because while Plexi-glass won’t shatter into lethal artery-cutting blades when it falls from the display-rack, a simple cleaning with a paper-towel  does render it partially opaque from tiny scratch marks, and that’s not so great for display purposes.  I have to agree with Jill, I think the glass looks nicer.

Surprise partial re-union of Sunday P.M. staff (left to right: Matt, Lisa, Alexis, Dan, Scott and Lisa K. (not pictured))
The award for “people who traveled furthest to visit my art-festival booth” goes to Dr. and Dr. Anderson and their daughter Alexis all the way from Minnesota — even though I know they are really here in Oregon for other purposes.

Yesterday was the debut of a new product — sets of themed note-cards. There were 10 different themes, each theme having 5 unique images.  After taking stock of the remaining inventory, I can report that the Portlandish II theme was the most popular. A flower-theme came in second-place (so, good call Susanna). These are the images from the most popular set:

Hollywood Theater
Tugboat Portland working at the Port of Portland
Downtown foo-dog at the China-town Gate
Iconic sign with stag
Vista House
All in all, I consider yesterday a very good day.

I’m resolved to refining my skills at acquiring and sharing images that speak. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017


My photography booth will be up on 3rd Street (close to Main) in downtown Gresham from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, July 15

This was my Portland Sunday Parkways booth from before. This year's booth will look pretty much the same...just a little bit older...and with new images from here in Portland and around the Pacific Northwest.

 Miller Island, Columbia Gorge

 Dry Falls, Central Washington

Waterfront Park, Portland OR

This festival will also mark the debut of my home-made note-cards!

This is just one of ten different themes.

More than 150 juried artists will be spread out along Main St. and 3rd St. offering their wares, plus, you can shop in Downtown Gresham and listen to live performances—though what kind of performances, I'm not sure. Here is the link to the pertinent page:

I'm not technically going to be doing any performances, but if it's going to be hot, you're welcome to come and watch me sweat. I'm thinking about doing some kind of pool where you can bet on how much sweat I'll be able to collect in a graduated measuring vessel by the end of the day—unless that's gross.

I hope to see you.

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