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In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the desert of truth
To the river so deep
- Billy Joel The River of Dreams
I had this idea to paddle down the Willamette through the heart of Portland (actually, I got it from a canoeist I met at the WillamettePark boat ramp during a recent excursion to RossIsland)…but Monkey-Cam didn’t want to go. He and Naked Picasso think they’re going to Nepal to surprise Rudder Starboard. One of the advantages of being imaginary is that there are relatively fewer constraints regarding money and travel. Fortunately, a Facebook friend (Mr. T., but he doesn’t have a Mohawk) materialized into an actual corporeal kind of friend and we were able to set up a shuttle from the WillamettePark boat ramp to the boat ramp at the St. Johns bridge.

WillamettePark Boat Ramp 01-30-11
This is the WillamettePark boat ramp at night. But it also pretty much serves to illustrate what the WillamettePark boat ramp looks like early in the morning, which is when we star…