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FEARFULLY MADE: Notes from the Field

The Fearfully Made presentation went off pretty smoothly. Friends and family, some unexpected, sat through a whole worship service to see this audio visual foray on a beautiful sunny day (which offered lots of other recreational temptations). I was touched and honored by their support. I've incorporated the live recording of Shirley Brendlinger's piano arrangement (from Sunday's presentation) into a video version available now on YouTube.

Curious to know where some of the pictures in the presentation were taken? Unsure of what some of the pictures are? This annotated timeline might prove to be helpful.
Click Me to download a print-it-yourself Timeline booklet! (in .pdf format)
To print in Acrobat:
specify 'actual size'
Check the 'Print-on-both-sides-of-paper' box
specify 'Flip on short end'
Then hit the print icon. After the first side is done, Acrobat will show you how to reload the one-sided print so the second side prints properly.
Fold it
Read it (if des…