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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harvey the Rabbit, Paul Bunyan, and Portlandia walk into a bar...

So...some artists have been generous enough to let me hang some of my pictures in their art show this Friday (Well to be honest, I submitted four images, but I'm not sure if they'll actually hang them up). It's supposed to be a celebration of Bastille Day, and the theme is Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Tenacity. The show is at the Troy Laundry Studios, 222 S.E. 10th Street (Between Ash St. and Pine St.).
Looking at the front of the building, you'd step through a Black Iron Gate and find Studio #1 at the top of the stairs.

The show is hosted by Jennifer Lanphier, Julia Gardner and Matt Weiers and takes place between 5 & 10 P.M., Friday July 18th. I've been told there will be jewelry, paintings, prints and perhaps even bronze castings. I am not sure if there will be any beverages, so I will try to have some beers in the back of my truck.

I'm always thrilled to be able to hang some of my photographs, particularly in an environment where they might be mistaken for art. Some of you may be wondering what the hell my pictures have to do with Bastille Day, but I think if you read the titles you will begin to see how much thought I put into this project.

For instance, this one is called:

A hopeless Portlandia throws dice to cast her vote, the very antithesis to the celebration of Bastille Day.

And this one is called:

A lonely Harvey calls Paul Bunyan, saying, "There's this girl I saw downtown...would you be my wingman? I'd really like to storm her gates."

Because French people stormed a prison fortress in Paris back in July of 1789 or thereabouts.

Harvey, Portlandia, and Paul Bunyan all agree to go out for drinks at The Hour Glass, ostensibly to celebrate Bastille Day.

Harvey gets stood up by Portlandia who gets a better offer from the Lincoln Memorial. Paul Bunyan decides to stay home and polish his ax. Harvey, feeling forlorn, signs up to test cosmetics which is probably all for the better since the Hour Glass likely didn't have enough beer on hand for both a fraternity of giant icons and the masses clamoring to celebrate Bastille Day.

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