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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mt. Adams Fire (09-22-12)

 Mt. Adams as seen from the Cooper Spur shelter (Mt. Hood) on 09-22-12

Mt. Hood’s lengthening shadow, straining for the eastern horizon 

Smoke from the fire doing a pretty fair impersonation of clouds 

The timberline trail spirals on around the mountain 

Toyed with the idea of composing a shot here, but Lola the dog was feeling territorial 

Mt. Adams beyond the shelter 

Mt. St. Helens 

As night falls, the source of the smoke becomes evident 

The scale of the fire is slowly revealed as the sky gets darker 

An inferno about the size of a mountain 

Swirling winter clouds ride autumn’s cool night air into the valley, like circling predators patiently waiting for a flickering campfire to go out. 

Detailed information about the fire can be found here:

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