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Monday, September 6, 2010

‘Celebrate the Gorge’ Photography Exhibition Epilogue

Previously, I presented the two images that were not accepted into the August photography exhibition at the Columbia Art Gallery (

Now that the ‘Celebrate the Gorge’ exhibit is over, I think it’s safe to post the three images that were ‘invited’ to the show.

 Sunrise on Miller Island

 A New Way to ‘Take’

 Looking East

It was my friend Bernadette who encouraged me to enter the show after she saw the ‘Looking East’ photo in my blog post, Cape Horn: What’s In a Name?
The water-level shot pointed up the gorge from the vicinity of the Cape Horn formations seemed to strike a resonant chord within her, perhaps because she also is an enthusiastic kayaker. In any case, she insisted I enter – that picture in particular – and though I wasn’t quite sure how one would go about preparing digital files for a gallery exhibition, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Besides, I wouldn’t have to print and frame the images unless they made it past the jury.

The opening for the show was on a Friday. Management at work turned out to be supportive of my attempted venture into the world of photography and let me leave early so I could make it to Hood River in time for the opening. On the way, I got a phone call, purporting to be from the gallery. The spokesperson for the gallery told me that the judges had liked my photos and that I had received the first place ribbon as well as the Gorge Guide award (Gorge Guide magazine was one of the sponsors of the show). I was pretty sure this phone call was a deception masterminded by my brother, so I tried to keep my emotions in check until I was sure it was real.

 My brother greeting me with the special 
respect he typically reserves for me

When I got to Hood River, I nervously peeked into the gallery windows to see if the phone call could possibly have been authentic.

 Photo courtesy of Sgt. Rock

Turns out…it was.

 Photo courtesy of Bernadette’s iphone

Photo courtesy of Bernadette’s iphone
1st Place: Scott Dietz, “Sunrise on Miller Island

2nd Place: Lauri Streaker, “Cloud Cap II”
3rd Place: Richard Hallman, “View from the Syncline”
Honorable Mention: Gerard Smith, “The Climbers”
Honorable Mention: Laurie Black, “Gorge Forms”
Honorable Mention: Darryl Lloyd, “Balfour-Klickitat in December”
Honorable Mention: Mike Godsey, “Mild & Wild”
Gorge Guide Award: Scott Dietz, “Sunrise on Miller Island
People’s Choice Award: Mark Lee, “Gorge Morning”

This is the 2010 edition of the Gorge Guide . As part of the Gorge Guide Award, apart from the monetary award, ‘Sunrise On Miller Island’ will be featured in the 2011 edition of the magazine.

 Photo courtesy of Bernadette’s iphone

My mom and my brother were able to attend the opening with me.

As I walked around the exhibit, examining all the other entries – stunned by bold colorful images, novel presentations and technical expertise - I began to feel a little bit like Wayne and Garth standing before Alice Cooper… 

 Wayne’s World    “We’re not worthy”    Paramount Pictures

The opening, like I said before, was on a Friday. But this particular Friday also happened to be concurrent with something the folks in Hood River call First Friday. It was like a giant art, food, music, retail sales and community pride fair or festival.

Transforming a street into a ski slope

It was a good day.


  1. Excellent Scott! I can't say I am surprised, as your photography is magnificent. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to start your coffee table book?
    you are a well known photographer now :)

    heartiest congrats!

  2. Congrats Scott. I also noticed how confidently you wear a manbag. Gotta have a place for the chapstick, eh? ;)


  3. Yes Megan, it takes a man completely secure in his masculinity to brandish a ‘manbag’ confidently, a strong, muscular man – a worldly man – the kind of man who can give you that spanking you so richly deserve.
    Thanks for your comments,

  4. Congratulations! Well-deserved honors. I'm very pleased for you, Scott.

  5. I blew up that picture of you looking in the gallery window so that it would fit the size of the window panes at my house. I typically move it around to different windows in the house to scare the crap out of my family and visitors who will catch it out of the corner of their eye and shriek as they think some creepy dude is peering in at them. When my children are bad I put it in their rooms window......makes them cry real good. Thanks.

  6. Hi, in one of your "first friday" pictures I can be seen walking with 2 women neither of which is my wife......uhhhh, I was hoping you could maybe blur out my face or something like they sometimes do to hide people's naughty bits.
    Otherwise I'm gonna sue you for that prize money and I don't care how strong, good looking and wealthy your brother is.



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