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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Autumn / Fall / Decline

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

...the pattern of life rehearsed year after year.

I remember the life force within me used to be independent of the seasons, as if in my youth, I remained in an extended perpetual Spring.

But now, the crisp cold autumn affects me.
My limbs seem brittle like seared red leaves poised to fall into decay.

The rich muck of decay…
…smells like money…
… or poop…

…and occasionally, so do I.

Into the blue again/into the silent water
Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground
Letting the days go by/into the silent water
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground
Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...


Edge of Smith and Bybee Lake – Low clouds drifting in the Willamette Valley beyond…

Smith and Bybee Lake

The sun, the source of life, visits only briefly and does not linger.
The long night sets in.

Sandy River

Ice glyphs


  1. Psycho Killer / Qu'est Que C'est / Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better / Run run run run run run run away / Psycho Killer / Qu'est Que C'est ...

  2. I like the caption about the source of life visiting only briefly....very...interpretable.
    BTW, what's up with the first comment? quoting the Talking Heads? A band whose most notable achievement was being inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame without ever actually having ROCKED....Ever.
    I'm thinking you have strange friends.....and it's not because you smell like MONEY.

  3. You know,.....I don't want to hear people point back to this particular installment of your blog as a warning sign that we all should have recognized so.......cheer up!..............BTW, I'll still need a 60 day notice and I'd rather you not do it in the apartment...........sincerely, your landlord.


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