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Monday, June 23, 2008


A blue looking-glass
A stiff breeze
A sky’s reflection shattered

An island of wild trees amidst a lock-step sea of cash crops

Excited cartoon bees before improbable flowers

Grass batons conducting wind-songs

Somehow reassuring to find plants confounded

…and happy old buildings perpetually surprised.

Born of architecture and order, but open to new experiences in its twilight years

This barn without people is like a body without a soul

Giant PEZ dispensers

Hay delivery system

After playing softball on Sunday, I find I empathize with this old house.

Lively colors in a dead house

Tree atolls, but not so metaphorical this time

Traitor decoy…friendless and alone

Blinds as elaborate as the Monitor and the Merrimac, designed for a contest of wits between men and ducks. Despite years of hunting refinements, the ducks are still not allowed to use weapons.

That was a big carp…really.

I heard five eagles taking baths.
They resented the invasion of their privacy.

A bug

A bird imitating a stick

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