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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Basalt monolith
Basks in prodigal sunlight
Dreams of bikinis

Rigid magma spine
Keeps talking ‘bout glory days
Not so hot right now

Maybe men did this
Built a highway in the sand
Turns out they didn’t

Bipolar vandal
Breaking in two times a day
Ransacking the bay

Elder trees once said
It’s time to set down some roots
Timing’s everything

Broken in upheaval
My hidden faults revealed
Too sediment-al

Defiant posture
Land intimidates the sea
Look at my mussels!

Sediments tilted
Up and down are east and west
What the hell happened?

Multi-lane highways
Time crafted for nobody
And not meant for cars

Rocks dissolve before
The universal solvent’s
Twice daily licking

The sea sets forth its
Restless liquid arsenal
Per lunar command

Millennial war
Battered ramparts stand between
Order and chaos

Floating continents
Bump and jostle each other
Sometimes get upset

Wind and waves persist
Earthen fortifications
Bow to gravity

Bits of history
Recorded in sand and stone
Lost in the telling

A short speculative clip about plate tectonics. Probable original source is National Geographic...I think.

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