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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


A Unible (about half as good as a parable - or worse)

by scott

The terrible accident put an end to the dangerous trapeze act.

(dramatic pause)

…some time later, another acrobat appeared at the circus employment office to fill the vacancy created by the accident.

At first, the resident acrobat could not be coaxed back onto the trapeze.

But acrobats are not well suited to sweep up peanut shells….

He could not stay away for long.

In the beginning their timing was off.

But It got better.

…and soon the accident was almost forgotten.

The trapeze act opened again.

The bleachers were filled to capacity...

...and then some.

It was soon time to try the death-defying 42 somersault sky-leap with the special over-torque effect.

“…Never before attempted!” said the circus master, “…successfully.” he added.

Suddenly the resident acrobat remembered the accident.

And when it came time to leap…he didn’t let go.

The two acrobats looked silly just hanging there.

The crowd said, “Boooo!”

…and the act came to an end…but only for a while.

Sometimes the grandchildren would demand, “Tell us about your circus days!”

The old white haired ex-resident acrobat would turn off the T.V. and set aside his sandwich and beer.

The Acrobat said, “It was my job to be there…to catch and hold on tight.”

“But what really made the show exciting… was learning to trust and…let go.”

“Why, I’ll never forget the day your grandma and I finally attempted the death defying 42 somersault sky leap with the special over-torque effect…”

“…successfully!” he added.

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