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Sunday, July 8, 2007


Avalanche Lilly

Maybe like a horse
straining against the starting gate.
Maybe like a frail prisoner
too long in a too small cell.
It slips the grasp of winter first,
…blossoms like fireworks
…vetoes the long darkness.

McNeil Point Shelter (obligatory picture to show I actually made it this time)

On the Ridge above McNeil Point

strewn across a skewed field
Tortured trees
caught in a centuries long assault
to climb the mountain

…because it’s there.

On the Ridge above McNeil Point

As tall as any tree can ever be

The View West from McNeil Point

Rock as Heat-sink – Unnamed Snowfield near McNeil Point

Plant Zombie
Aroused by the melt-water torrent
reaches up from the grave with a three fingered hand

Snowfield Transforming into Tarn

Winter’s refugee
seeks protection from the Sun’s persecution
In the shadow of the mountain
there is no asylum
granted in July

Metamorphosis (Detail)

Nature Graphically Perpetuating the Concept of Resurrection

I wasn’t paying attention
and missed Andy Goldsworthy
making his surprising art
Which is the best explanation
I could come up with
so far

High on this mountain,
liberated water
quickly joins forces
To bring life to the desert?
To drown by deluge?


Location. Location. Location.


(the bigger picture)

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