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Earth's Crammed with Heaven documents the author's photography exhibition presented at the Academy Theater (Portland, Oregon)  in July of 2013. Images were chosen to reflect those subtle and sometimes surprising moments (or places) in which the world is seen as beautiful—when it really does seem to be crammed with bits of Heaven. 

Each of the exhibition's prints are here reproduced and supplemented with related images from the author's archives, as well as the author's text which is an expansion of his commentary displayed at the exhibition.
Entertain the notion that nature is a taken-for-granted masterpiece, and look for evidence of the 'artist's' brushstrokes in these scenes from the Pacific Northwest.

Critical Acclaim for Earth's Crammed with Heaven

"There is nothing more inspirational to a biologist than nature and seeing the beauty of the Creation. Seldom does a set of nature photographs have the same effect—where your jaw drops with the incredible beauty of mother earth. I look at this collection of photographs and it becomes a religious experience for me, similar to sitting among the trees and rocks.
I can not imagine how much effort it took for Scott Dietz to capture these images. It took patience, skill, effort, and often a bit of risk to give us this glimpse of the Northwest. His reflections and poetry connected to the pictures are so well matched with the images he captured. i have his photographs on my computer desktop and the dining room wall. These are a reminder of my place in the created order."
Dwight Kimberly,
Professor Emeritus, Biology, George Fox University

"The photography is spectacular...artful and profound...images captured at the nexus of skill, effort, artistic sensibility, and luck that comes from the serendipity of placing oneself in the right place at the right time. The images speak for themselves; yet, the narrative with which Scott Dietz surrounds them deepens insight and enlightens the vision of the viewer. The words - poetry, stories, quotations, biblical texts, wonderings and reflections = become lenses through which one sees the images photographed more clearly. The narrative serves not so much to explain the images as to reveal the heart and mind of the artist whose steps toward worship are profoundly moving."
Daniel R. Anderson, PhD 

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