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A Personal Relationship?

Though not a picture book, there are a lot of narrative images of Jesus in the Bible.
There's the image of a sacrificial lamb - a burning bush - the prodigal son's father - a loaf of bread, etc.

As cool as some of the images are, somehow, contemporary Christians have ended up portraying Jesus like this:

And, the popular 'orthodox' opinion is that you need to establish a personal relationship with this character and make him the Lord of your life. The side benefit to this arrangement is supposedly eternal life in heaven after you die.

The 'personal relationship' model is widely supported in evangelical circles, and since members of these groups have often been conditioned since youth, not many stop to wonder how you can have a personal relationship with an invisible friend who never calls you on the phone.

Maybe it's time we made an effort to evaluate our images of God and update them or ...write new narratives.

In any case, TALK #1 chronicles a long conversation I had with a creationist that probably goes a long way toward explaining why I don't have very many personal relationships ( I kind of over-analyze everything).

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