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I'm pleased to announce that I'll have a booth at this year's Gresham Arts Festival. More details to come...


Scott Dietz Photography Blog circa 2013
Photo by Mr. Steve Thompson      copyright 2011
I tried making a specialized photography blog to publicize and supplement a themed photography exhibition I was working on for July of 2013. Well...that exhibition is long over and the other blog wasn't really serving a purpose. So, as of 04-09-17, I've incorporated all of the blog entries form Scott Dietz Photography into The Narrative image. They've been seamlessly integrated by date.


02-25-13     Announcing...     
02-27-13     Holy Ground
03-07-13     July Photo Exhibition
03-10-13     Thin Places
03-18-13     ...a Sound of Sheer Silence
03-31-13     Days Crammed with Heaven
04-07-13     Keeping an Eye Out
05-02-13     Wind Meditation in the Columbia Gorge
05-26-13     Prelude to Memorial Day

You can use Search, Labels, or The Narrative Image Archive to find these posts.


The Narrative Image has reverted back to the older-style, non 'dynamic' blogger template.

Even though the dynamic style templates are kind of impressive and flashy, their very stylishness makes them difficult (for me) to customize.
Frankly, it's difficult for me to alter the old style template, but I feel confident that it is less impossible.

Probably the best way to search for the topics or pictures you're interested in is to use the search function available at the top of each page:

The search-this-blog box

All of the blog posts have labels assigned to them, so for instance, if you want to know something about Monkey-cam, just type Monkey-cam into the box, or even close estimates (monkey, camera, monkey with camera) and see what posts the search function returns. Similarly, if you want to know all there is to know about three species tacos, you could type in 3 species tacos, tacos, three species taco etc. If you happen to know more about a topic or incident, you can type in additional words, like raccoon or sentient raccoon if you think that would help narrow things down.

Of course, using the search engine only works well if I originally chose sensible labels. If you see the world and label things the way I do, then the search engine may be ideally suited to your needs. Otherwise there is label list 'word cloud' in the side-bar at right which is essentially a graphic representation of all the assigned labels present at this blog site. Each word varies in size according to how often it is used (the bigger the word, the more it is used), and clicking on any of the labels will call up the articles with which they're associated.

Word Cloud 'o' labels.

The nice thing about the word-cloud method is that you don't have to guess what labels are available — they're all right there in front of you. They may even spur your memory.

The functionality of the dynamic template I'll miss is the way all previous posts were so readily observable and available. That functionality is still available, but it's now accessible in The Narrative Image Archive. I've written a short tutorial about how to use the archive below in The Narrative Image Navigation Aid. People who are conversant with calendars may feel at home using the archive — I wouldn't know.

This change in templates arises from comments Uncle Rico made about how the dynamic template treated his efforts to view images at a larger size. While it was possible to click on images and see them at their full size, it seems that returning to the post became problematical since instead of returning to where you had been, it used to expel you back a level in the file heirarchy, forcing you to click and scroll back to your departure point, and sometimes at great expense in terms of realative hassle. With the return of the older style of template, clicking on images not only shows you images at their native size, it also provides a slide-show environment in which all the pictures from a post are lined up for viewing (without all my windbag words). When you are finished, it is an easy matter to exit and return to last place where you had been reading.

I've activated comments for this 'News' page, so if you have any feedback or opinions on this matter, please consider leaving feedbac or opinions.

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