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(Back page of the calendar showing each month’s image — subject matter photographed from beyond the Cascades to the Coast with Portland, Oregon serving as the base of operations)

The simple conceit (and when I say conceit I mean “a fanciful expression in writing or speech”) for these calendars is that each image must actually be photographed in the month that it will represent. In this way, I hope to achieve random photographic evidence of what it’s really like to experience the seasons in what I think is a particularly beautiful part of the world.

This 12-month calendar measures 11 X 8.5 inches (11 X 17 when open), is composed of fairly heavy 100lb gloss paper and features my new design that showcases supplementary pictures under the day-grid portions — the actual calendar part — of the calendars.

That works out to almost twice as many pictures as before.

Last year, I probably didn’t start the calendar project early enough, and postal deliveries didn’t occur as fast as I was led to believe they would, so the process is starting earlier this year. Please be aware that I am printing these calendars on demand. As soon as I have enough orders for 100 calendars, I’ll send an order in. I will keep sending in orders until the deadline which is November 22nd, 2019.

Something I’d also like to try this year is to provide additional information at The Narrative Image (my blog) regarding the images in the calendar. I’m envisioning a dedicated page that will allow comments for each month, someplace that I could answer questions and provide additional descriptive images. I’m not quite sure how to implement it, but I still have a few months to figure it out.
I look forward to sharing the images of the area I am privileged to call my home.

Ordering in larger quantities allows me to take advantage of a price break, so this year’s calendar will cost the same as last year’s ($15.00). The price includes shipping.

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